New Dawn (2015– )
New Dawn is a personal exploration of my connection with nature. By observing and being creative, I believe I can better understand the omnipresent forces of our world and develop a stronger bond with the universe. I find panpsychism intriguing - the notion that all objects possess both physical and psychic attributes, as well as collective consciousness. This theory implies that there are significant connections between humans and the universe that are beyond scientific explanation. The photographs in New Dawn are an expression of this belief. In a state of being fully present and immersed, I hope to uncover things science cannot.

City Whispers (2011–2023)
Photographing in urban environments and architecture for more than a decade, I am interested in what common denominators can be found between several cities of the West. As a keen observer picking up on psychogeography and atmospheric tension, I am interested in what architecture and public spaces can tell us about our attitude towards humanity.

City Whispers is to be finalized as a photobook. Looking for publisher.

Strasbourg (2017)
In October 2017, I travelled to the French city of Strasbourg, intending to visit the concentration camp Natzweiler-Struthof. The camp is located in the Vosges Mountains, an hour west of the city. Approximately 52,000 prisoners were estimated to be held there between 1941–1944. The prisoners were mainly from the resistance movements in German-occupied territories, one of them being my great-uncle.

It was a labour camp, a transit camp and, as the war went on, a place of execution. Some died from the exertions of their labour and malnutrition – there were an estimated 22,000 deaths at the camp, including its network of subcamps. With Strasbourg being the home of the European Court of Human Rights now, I wanted to juxtapose the experience of the city with its history. Strasbourg was published in 2021, and printed on a riso machine with black paper and grey inks.

Book available @ Trippelpunkt

Europa (2015–2018)
Europa is a photographic essay from trips I made across the European continent over three years and concluded as a photobook in 2019. What sets it apart from other travel essays is that the photographs are not supplemented by titles that tell the viewer where they were captured. The images are truthful to what the eye observes, but it does not consider borders, national dogmatisms, or political climate. Looking beyond the current situation of Europe, the book offers a way for the viewer to reacquaint with a beautifully diverse and mesmerising continent. 

Book available @ Topos Publishing